January 29, 2008

Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue

Foster: to care for or cherish

The Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue group was established in 2001. We became a foster family for MAGRR in November of 2002. We have fostered 51 rescued golden retrievers over the last 5 years. Being a foster family is a very rewarding experience. We have provided a temporary home for shelter dogs, strays and dogs that were given up by their owners. MAGRR is the bridge between despair and hope.

When one of our fosters is adopted, it is a bittersweet departure. It is not easy to say goodbye when you know that you will probably never see them again. Some of our fosters have been adopted as far away as Maine. They travel by transport to their new home. It is truly a great feeling to know that these goldens are in a safe and happy home.

How do I keep from wanting to adopt all of them? I have heard this question many times. Well, I have loved all of them and I remember all of their names. Every foster is unique and they all have a story. I love getting updates about our fosters. But in the end, if there were no foster homes, there would be no rescue groups. You must take a deep breath, fight back the tears, and move on. There will always be another lost or abandoned golden. This is the reality of our "not so perfect world."