December 30, 2011

December 29, 2011

CeCe gets ready for the New Year!

CeCe (AKA Sugar Bear)

We took CeCe and Boston for a walk this afternoon.  She did great on the leash.  If you need a sweet sugar bear, this girl is for you.

December 27, 2011

CeCe (foster #102)

Meet our new foster girl, CeCe.  She is a beauty.

Boston and Karma meet CeCe

CeCe will come out when she is good and ready.

Foster #102 coming soon

We are picking up CeCe this afternoon.  Check back soon to see updates and video.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa Paws found some very nice goldens on this Christmas day.
I promise, I have been a very good girl.

Thank you Santa Paws!

Cedar loves his new bone.

December 17, 2011

Blessing gets adopted!

The Night Before Rescue

Santa works quietly in mysterious ways
He stops by shelters and picks up strays.
He knows the names of those who care
And places dogs in rescue so MAGRR beware.

He slips past the hustle and bustle and strife
To find a perfect family to foster this  life.
They feed and they love this new rescued pup
And wait for a forever family to pick them up.
There are too many stops like this one you see
People discarding their pets and setting them free.
But just when you think there is no hope for this pup
A wonderful MAGRR  volunteer steps up.

It takes a lot of people to carry out this dream
From intake to fosters to the home visiting team.
So maybe it wasn't Santa that worked in mysterious ways
But a group of MAGRR folks that saved us that day.

Thanks so much for rescuing me from the shelter.  I now have a new family that loves me.  I will forever be grateful for the wonderful people who saved my life.

Thanks, Blessing

December 12, 2011


Blessing is a retriever.  She loves playing ball with Cedar.  If you need a little baby girl to bring you joy, then Blessing is the girl for you.  She loves people and likes to cuddle.  She takes treats nicely and just wants a family to love her. 

December 10, 2011

Blessing goes to the parade!

Blessing had a fun time today walking in the Germantown Christmas Parade.  She was one of many MAGRR goldens that showed off their shiney MAGRR tags.
Tim, Gerry and Blessing

Blessing and Robbie

Robbie and Blessing work the crowd


Blessing has settled in at her foster home.  She is a sweet little girl.  She is enjoying being in the house and playing with all the toys. 

Lula is on her way home!

Lula Snowflake
Here comes Lula Snowflake
Dressed in a golden gown
Tap, Tap, tappin' at your door
To tell you she's in town.

Here comes Lula Snowflake
Soon you will hear her say
Come out ev'ryone and play with me
I have all day to play.

If you want to play ball
I'll help you fetch it, one, two, three.
If you want to take a long walk
Whee!  The walks on me.

Here comes Lula Snowflake
Look at her runnin' around
Bringing joy to her new family
Lula's come to town.

December 8, 2011

Oops!! Blessing is foster #101

As I was going through my foster list, I kept thinking that I was missing someone.  Well, I forgot to add Jonah.  He was adopted in 2006.  I remember him so well, because he climbed over our 6 foot wooden fence.  While I was driving to school this morning, I kept thinking that I did not remember seeing his name.  I get updates on him from time to time because his mom is a MAGRR volunteer and she is also a runner.
Our sweet Lula Belle leaves tomorrow.  We will miss our sweet Lula.  Even though she has only been with us several weeks, it is hard to say goodbye.

December 7, 2011

Our 100 Fosters

  1. George W. (we met Tracie at a gas station to pick him up)
  2. Harrison (he is blind, but still living in Nashville and he now has a new golden brother)
  3. Wiley (beautiful red boy)
  4. P.J. (it was snowing when we met her adopter)
  5. Haylee (she was skinny and we called her Hazy)
  6. T. Rex (tallest golden I have ever seen)
  7. Sandy (we fostered her with T. Rex and they were adopted by the same family)
  8. Caddy (picked her up during the golf tournament)
  9. Mindy (sweet girl)
  10. Shasta (had a cute little curl that we named)
  11. Ethan (Tim tried to teach him to swim and he rolled over on his back, RIP)
  12. Buzz (beautiful blonde boy)
  13. Claire (we called her Claire Bear)
  14. Harvest (we took him to Herb Parson's Lake with Angelina to run and he led the way. RIP)
  15. Angelina (I always regretted not adopting this one.  She was so skinny and we had her for months)
  16. Peggy Sue (sweet girl)
  17. Millie (sweet blonde girl)
  18. Milo (tall boy)
  19. Chelsea (sweet little baby girl)
  20. Teddy (worked at the Germantown Village until he died, RIP)
  21. Buckley (went to a Business teacher in Arkansas, RIP)
  22. Carney (got him during the time of the Mid South Fair)
  23. Captain Jack (beautiful buff boy)
  24. Raskal (RIP sweet boy)
  25. Jamie (we found out she was pregnant a few weeks after we got her)
  26. Cedar (Jamie pup that we adopted, mama's boy, Ceed, CC, Cedar Allen)
  27. Marley (Jamie pup, Cedar's twin sister)
  28. Baxter (Jamie pup, we called him Moe, RIP sweet boy)
  29. McAlister (Jamie pup, big Mac)
  30. Jack (Jamie pup, we called him Max)
  31. Gertrude (Jamie pup, Little Bitsy)
  32. Louie (Jamie pup, we called him Carl)
  33. Bowser (beautiful boy)
  34. Maxx (blonde golden boy)
  35. Rusty (red boy)
  36. Aaron (tall beautiful boy)
  37. Kylee (Ky Ky, RIP sweet girl)
  38. Taylor (another baby boy)
  39. Robyn (beautiful red girl)
  40. Cyndi (sweet baby girl)
  41. Robbie (we adopted this boy, Dobbs, RD, our alpha boy)
  42. Zeus (light buff boy)
  43. Sophie (a small golden girl that barked)
  44. Jamie (J.J) (sweet red boy)
  45. Dusty (red boy with a cute cowlick on his head)
  46. Mason (golden boy)
  47. Harlee (sweet little golden boy)
  48. Bayer (brown golden)
  49. Clifton (sweet baby boy, we called him Cliffy)
  50. Heidie (sweet little golden girl)
  51. Hershey (brown golden)
  52. Colby (the big brothers that were adopted together)
  53. Baxter (the other big brother)
  54. Liam (baby Liam that went to live with his MAGRR sis Lady Bug)
  55. Lady (RIP sweet girl)
  56. Dixie (sweet girl)
  57. Keira (a baby girl)
  58. Chelsey (another baby girl)
  59. Flora (another baby girl)
  60. Winston (sweet boy)
  61. Layla (Lay Lay)
  62. Karma (our tripod girl, we picked her up the day that our Ginger went to the Bridge, KK, Karma K, Baby Girl, Butter, Cupcake)
  63. Keltie (sweet little baby girl)
  64. Poppy (reminded me of Ginger)
  65. Timber (sweet blonde boy)
  66. Casanova (Major) fostered him around Valentine's Day, beautiful boy, Memphis Mafia
  67. Champ (loved my Champ)
  68. Savannah Mae (reminded me of Ginger)
  69. Lillian (sweet girl)
  70. Poncho (Jackson) (I see him often because a friend of mine adopted him)
  71. Sundance (beautiful boy that did not look like your typical golden)
  72. Zipper (had a zipper on his face, loved this little sweet boy)
  73. Maddox (Max) (Major #66 got a brother, Memphis Mafia)
  74. Drew (sweet red boy)
  75. Ritchie (another sweet baby boy)  He loved going to see Matthew.
  76. Honey Bear (Bella) (sweet, sweet baby girl, she had a skin issue but is now a beautiful Bella)
  77. Mariah (another sweet girl)
  78. Davis (great boy, had skin issues but we watched him transform into a beautiful boy)
  79. Missy (Lab mix that MAGRR helped me adopt,  thanks to Gary she received her heartworm treatment and is living the good life in the northeast.)  I miss Missy!
  80. Blake (Buddy)  (What a great boy.  He was a perfect golden.  Loving the good life with his golden sis Josie.)
  81. Bosco (beautiful boy that loved to play)
  82. Flash (my red boy, he ate a strap on a Vera Bradley duffel bag, I still have the bag and the handle is still broken.  I think of him every time I see it.)
  83. Barrett (sweet little skinny boy,  we saw him transform into a handsome golden boy.
  84. Autumn (Tres' sister, she and Tres loved to lay on the couch together.)
  85. Argus (Tres) (My sweet tri Tres that I will never get over.  I miss him every day.) 
  86. Holly (we fostered Holly during Christmas and she loved Tres.  She is a beautiful blonde girl.)
  87. Peaches (Matthew loved Peach.  She was a very laid back golden.  I loved my Peach. My mom and I drove half way to Nashville to meet Peaches' mom.  That was a great day.)
  88. Griffin (Tres' brother, Griffin was a light buff colored Tres.)
  89. J.J. (Jake) Matthew loved playing ball with Jake. 
  90. Bree (another sweet baby girl)
  91. Jimbo (beautiful boy)
  92. Fancy (Lady) (looked like Cedar and is living the good life up north)
  93. Walker (What a handsome boy.)
  94. Sunshine (Calli)  (My sweet Sun.  Reminded me of Peaches.)
  95. Lillie Bell (another baby girl) I love these baby girls.
  96. Ruby (Bella) (such a cool dog)
  97. Coach (Cody) (Matthew loved playing with Coach.  He went to football games and loved walking on the leash.)
  98. Moe (my little Moe Joe, he and Boston went to an event with us and they became best friends.)
  99. Lula Belle (Lula Snowflake, I will miss this girl,  she loves being around people and we loved her)
  100. Blessing (another sweet, skinny baby girl, she looks like my Cedar)

If you adopted one of my fosters, I would love to hear from you.  I love getting updates on my foster babies. 

    Blessing (Foster #100)

    Blessing is a very special girl.  She is our 100th MAGRR foster.  She is the sweetest little baby girl and she will be a beautiful girl when she gets the love and attention that she needs.  She is already loving the good life with her foster family. 

    Sweet face!

    Lula Belle and Blessing

    Lula Belle

    December 3, 2011

    We run for Rescue!

    We ran the St. Jude Half Marathon this morning.  Wendy and I ran for MAGRR, Tim ran for NMGDR and Sherry ran for the Vining Sparks Hero Team.  I'm not sure we can say it was lots of "fun", but we all finished and it was a great race.  Around 11,000 runners were on the course and lots of volunteers cheered along the way.  Around mile 7, someone came along beside me and asked if I had fostered Autumn.  We chatted a little while and it was so great to talk to one of our Foster's adopters.  Autumn is now Sooie and she lives in Germantown with her family.  That alone was worth the 13.1 miles. 

    December 1, 2011

    Lula Belle gets adopted!

    Lula Belle has been adopted and she will be traveling to the northeast next Friday.  We will miss this sweet baby girl.

    November 30, 2011

    Our 2 fosters

    Lula and Boston have become best foster friends. 

    November 27, 2011

    Lula Update

    Lula is having a great time at her foster home.  She gets along great with our dogs and she even plays with Boston from time to time.  She loves to get her picture made.  She does fine with kids and loves visitors.  She goes up and down the stairs and likes to play with tennis balls and tug ropes.  She is completely housetrained.  She will make a wonderful family very happy. 

    November 23, 2011

    Lula (foster #99)

    Meet our new foster girl, Lula.  She is a 4 year old red girl.  She is so thankful that MAGRR came to her rescue and she can spend Thanksgiving day with her foster family.

    Why foster?

    10 Reasons to Foster A Dog

    1.  It’s a way to help those who can't help themselves.
    2.  Volunteering makes a person feel good.
    3.  Rescues can’t function without foster homes.
    4.  The dog gets to live with your family rather than at a shelter.
    5.  You increase that dog’s chance of being adopted.
    6.  Your own dog will learn more social skills.
    7.  It’s a good way to see if you are ready for an additional dog.
    8.  You will appreciate your own dog’s good behavior.
    9.  You help the rescue learn about the dog’s personality.
    10.  You are saving a dog’s life.

    Moe gets adopted!

    It's my time
    It's my life,
    I can do what I like
    For the price of a smile, I gotta take it to right
    So I keep living, cause the feel's right
    And it's so nice, and I'd do it all again
    This time, it's forever
    It gets better, and I I, I like how it feels!

    I heard this song on my foster mom's computer the other day and now I know what it means.  I now know what it's like to feel on top of the world.  I will miss my foster family, but now I have a family to call my home.  Thanks MAGRR for finding me and saving my life.  Moe

    November 21, 2011

    Moe Paws

    I know it is a little early to bring out the Christmas gear, but I could not resist.  Just this evening as my foster mom was channel surfing, we came across the movie Santa Paws.  I watched it for a few moments and I realized that I am Moe Paws.  I must be Puppy Paws' cousin.  I look so much like Puppy Paws and his dad Santa Paws.  I realized that I am looking for my special Christmas gift this year.  I am asking Santa Paws to find me a very special family to call my own.  I now know that MAGRR came to my rescue just in time for the Christmas season.  In the movie, everything turned out great in the end.  Everyone was so happy.  I can't wait to meet my new family.  Won't you ask Santa to bring a very special boy (his name is Moe) into your life?

    November 13, 2011


    Moe takes a nap.

    Robbie, Moe, Cedar, Karma and Boston

    November 12, 2011

    Moe (foster #98)

    We had to say goodbye to our foster boy Coach yesterday as he traveled to meet his new family.  So, after school, I picked up our newest foster boy.  Moe is a sweet little golden boy.  He is 8 months old.  I picked him up yesterday and he has now settled in at his foster home.  We took Moe to the Wags and Whiskers Walk this morning with Boston.  They quickly became best friends.  If you are looking for a small golden with lots of love to give, check back for updates on sweet Moe.  Today at the walk, a lady asked how we can foster and then have to say goodbye.  I told her the truth.  It is not easy.  We are not any different than anyone else.  We give them a hug, kiss them on the nose and tell them that we love them and that we are so fortunate to have met them. 

    Moe is a tired pup.

    Can you find Moe?

    November 10, 2011

    Coach gets adopted!

    Coach (Cody) will be leaving tomorrow.  He will travel from Tennessee to the northeast to meet his new family.  This is the hard part about fostering.  We love you sweet boy!
    Karma, Coach, Cedar and Robbie

    November 3, 2011

    Coach (Cody)

    Coach has settled in at his foster home.  He is a great golden boy.  He is very laid back and just loves being around people and our other dogs.  He and Boston are becoming best "foster friends".  He is a beautiful blonde boy.  We did put him in the crate on Monday, but this sweet boy does not need to be crated.   He is housetrained and he loves to chew on a Nyla bone or just lay around and nap.  He takes his treats like a nice boy and he knows sit. 
    Coach (Cody)

    Boston and Coach (Cody) are best foster friends.

    October 31, 2011

    Cody (Coach)

    Boston and Cody watch Cedar from the upstairs window.

    October 30, 2011

    Coach (foster #97)

    Check back soon for an update on our new foster boy.  I have not had a chance to get a picture or video yet.  He is a very sweet golden boy.  His MAGRR name is Coach, but he knows the name Cody.

    October 29, 2011

    Bella is on her way home!

    Bella (Ruby) left for her new home yesterday.  She was not too excited about getting her picture taken.
    We will miss this sweet golden girl.

    October 26, 2011

    Bella and Boston

    Bella, Robbie, Boston and Cedar

    October 25, 2011

    Bella (Ruby) gets adopted!

    Bella will be traveling to her new home on Friday.  We will miss this sweet girl.  She has been the perfect foster.  She is going to make her new family so happy.

    October 16, 2011

    Ruby goes to the football game!

    Ruby went to Matthew's football game Saturday to cheer on the Cardinals. 
    Ruby and Tim

    Ruby, the game is the other way!

    What a beautiful cheerleader!

    Ruby takes a rest!

    Ruby and Matthew

    Cedar and Karma

    Robbie, Karma and Cedar

    What a lazy bunch of goldens.