December 28, 2009


Hi, this is Bells (Mariah).
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I have been very busy the past few days. I came to my foster home on Christmas Eve. It did take me a few days to realize that I had a real family.
I have 2 foster brothers and a foster sister. I noticed that they kept going in and out an opening in the back door, but I did not trust that little flap thing. After getting left behind, I finally decided to give it a try. Boy was that a great idea. I can go outside whenever I want. Of course, if my foster mom and dad leave the house we can't go in and out. I heard my foster mom call me a sweet little thing, so I guess you could say that I love to be around my foster parents. I like to cuddle while they watch tv. Just the other night, we watched Santa Buddies. I watched a few minutes and then I had to take a little nap. I was a little curious when I heard barking and then I noticed that all the other goldens at my house were napping too. I have also learned to take treats and I can sit if you ask me to. Check back in a few days, I may learn some more skills.

December 25, 2009

Moriah (Foster #77)

Meet Moriah, a young blonde golden girl. Since we picked her up on Christmas Eve, I can't resist calling her Bells instead of Moriah. Of course, she does not respond to either name. She is learning how nice it is to live in a warm house. We are working on a few simple commands. She was not too fond of the camera, so I basically chased her around.

December 6, 2009

Bella goes home (MAGRR Honey Bear)

Honey Bear (now Bella) boarded the transport on Friday and headed home. She arrived safely on Saturday and is adjusting well to her new home. We will miss sweet little Honey Bear. We saw her transform from a scared, timid little thing to just one of the pack. The transport was running a little late, so she just had to take a little nap. Friday was an especially hard day for us. We had to let Cody go to the Rainbow Bridge and we had to let Bella go to her new home. Even though we will never see these two again, they will always remain in our memories.

November 22, 2009

Sweet Honey Bear

What a sweet little baby girl. She has settled in and loves to play with Karma. She has mastered the doggy door. She also likes taking naps on the sofa. Don't let her fool you, she is not sick. She is resting up for her trip to Boston in a few weeks.

November 14, 2009

Honey Bear (Foster #76)

Honey Bear is a very sweet little girl. She is getting used to living in the house and she is adjusting very well. What a good little girl she is. We are trying to show her that she can trust people. She seems to be afraid of all noises or maybe she is just a little unsure of things. She is being treated for her skin issues and she will soon have a beautiful golden coat.

November 7, 2009

Sulley (Ritchie) heads to Boston

Sulley is on his way home. He will be missed.


Thanks to everyone who made Barkitecture a huge success.
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November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi, this is Sulley. I went to my first Halloween party last night. We went over to my Aunt's house and boy was it fun. There were lots of children there and they all loved me. One little boy sure did want to keep me, but I told him that I was headed to Boston next week. I had a lot of fun playing with everyone and getting lots of attention. The adults could not believe how well behaved I was. I fetched the ball just like a big golden. After playing so much, I had to take a nap on the nice cool tile floor. I really did not wear a costume, because I just went as a MAGRR golden puppy. My foster mom got a little carried away with the photo editor. Enjoy!


Sulley loves to play with Karma.

October 24, 2009


October 23, 2009


Are you a little stressed from a hard day at work? Do you need something to cheer you up? You need a little dose of "golden puppy" to put a smile on your face.


October 19, 2009

Ritchie (foster #75)

I wanted our 75th foster to be a very special one, and that is just what I got. Meet Ritchie, our 75th foster. Ritchie is a 10-week old golden puppy. Adorable!! He is very sweet and oh so smart. He already knows how to fetch the tennis ball and go in and out the doggy door. Needless to say, we have fallen for this little golden fur ball. Robbie likes to follow him around and make sure he is safe. Karma has just begun to play with him, and Cedar only likes his mom. We are having a lot of fun watching Ritchie do all of the cute puppy stuff.

September 24, 2009


Drew is such a sweet boy.  He has been adopted and will be traveling to the northeast.

Cedar, Drew and Robbie


Drew and Karma

September 11, 2009

Drew (foster #74)

Drew is a very handsome boy. He is getting along with our goldens and loves to play with Karma. He is the handsome golden wearing the red collar. He is housetrained and knows sit and stay. He needs a family that will love him and provide some basic training skills. He does get excited when you give out treats and he can be a little mouthy. We are teaching him that he does not need to put his mouth on you to get attention. We have only had Drew for a week and he has already shown lots of improvement.

Drew and friends

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August 22, 2009

Maddox (Baby Buff) & Karma (Special K.)

Maddox loved swimming at Shelby Farms this morning.

August 15, 2009

Those silly goldens!

Cedar, Robbie, Karma and Maddox (the little one) are having fun playing.

Major (MAGRR Case)

Karma and Major

More Maddox and Karma video

August 13, 2009


Maddox (What a handsome boy!)

Cedar & Maddox (waiting for something)

Maddox, Cedar and Robbie

August 8, 2009

Maddox (foster #73)

Meet Maddox, a young (9-months) golden boy. We just picked him up today and he is getting to know his foster brothers and sister. He is beginning to play with Karma. He is a beautiful blonde boy. By the way, Maddox decided to potty in the middle of the video. He is just a puppy.

August 7, 2009

Zipper is on his way home!

Zipper is on his way home. He is traveling to the northeast as I post his last entry in the blog. I will miss my sweet Zippy. He was a love. What a great golden. I did get a little sad when I put him on the transport. It never gets any easier when you have to say goodbye. It makes me feel sorry for all the people in the world who never take the chance to love an animal. I have had the privilege of loving 72 MAGRR goldens. They have all been special in their own way and I will always remember them. We love you Zipper, be a good boy.

Love, Gerry and Tim

Cedar, Zipper, Karma and Robbie
Cedar and Zipper

July 31, 2009


Zipper is such a cute boy. He is investigating Karma's missing foot.

July 29, 2009

Zipper (foster #72)

Zipper is a super sweet golden boy. He is about 7 months old and is housebroken. He gets along great with our golden group.

July 2, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to adopt Sundance


10. I don't counter surf.
9. I take treats nicely.
8. I get along with other dogs.
7. I have a golden personality.
6. I don't beg at the table.
5. I am not food aggressive.
4. I sleep through the night.
3. I am not a barker (unless Robbie starts it)
2. I love people.
1. I am housetrained.

June 27, 2009

Sundance (MAGRR Foster)

It is really hot in Memphis. Late this afternoon, Cedar just had to play ball, so we all went outside for a little while. It was so hot, that I just had to go back in the house several times. I did retrieve the ball once and I got brushed by my foster dad. I hope you enjoy my new video. The cast members are me (Sundance), Karma, Cedar, and Robbie. You might see my foster dad Tim, when he is brushing me. You can probably hear my foster mom Gerry, when she tries to get me to come through the doggy door. In one of the videos you can hear Karma being bossy. She loves to boss us boys around. She thinks that she is the princess.

June 24, 2009

More Sundance Video

The boys are watching Karma chew on a bone.

Sundance and Friends

June 21, 2009

Robbie and Sundance

Sundance loves his foster brother, Robbie.

June 19, 2009

My Coat of Many Colors (by Sundance)

Hello everyone. I am feeling a little blue today. Another family has passed me by. I think it is my coat of many colors. So, I put on my creative collar and decided to write a poem. It is a little like the song "A Coat of Many Colors".

My coat of many colors
That God made for me.
Made with lots of shades of gold and brown
But I wear it so proudly.

Although I'm not a golden
I'm as rich as I can be.
God spared my life and gave me hope
When MAGRR came for me.

But, I don't really understand it
And I try to make them see.
That it's not the color of my coat
But what's inside that I'd like for them to see.


June 17, 2009


My foster mom has been busy taking more pictures. I have not heard from anyone. Please give me a chance to show you what a wonderful dog I am.

June 13, 2009

Good News!

If anyone is reading my blog, I have good news. We had some bad weather in my town last night and our electricity was out for 24 hours. During the storm, we had lots of wind, thunder and lightening. I want you to know, that I was not one bit nervous about this.

So, if you are looking for a great dog without storm issues, I may just be the one. I will post a new picture tomorrow.


June 11, 2009


Hello again. I am still hanging out at my foster home. I am having a great time, but I am looking forward to having my own family. By the way, did I mention that I have very white teeth and a beautiful smile. If you need to talk to me, just leave a comment on my blog. I am looking forward to meeting my forever family. Won't you please give me a chance?

By the way, I am the one that is chasing Cedar (he is retrieving the ball). Karma and Robbie are playing with the rope.

June 2, 2009

I am a busy boy!

Hey, it's me again.

I wanted to share some videos with you. Don't forget to scroll down and see my previous post and my handsome pictures.


It's me again! (Sundance)

Hello everyone. I am so glad that you are visiting my blog. My foster mom has been busy taking pictures and video of me and my foster buddies. I have had lots of fun playing with Karma and Cedar. Robbie likes to lie around and chew on the tennis ball while Cedar likes to retrieve it. Karma likes to just hop around and bark. I don't mean to sound rude, but she is missing a paw, and she does hop. I like to run after Cedar while he goes after the ball.

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I don't look exactly like a golden retriever. When the nice people with MAGRR brought me in, I thought I was a golden. I acted like a golden, but when I looked in the mirror I saw more than golden fur. My foster parents have been reminding me that I am just as special as those "real goldens". Just look at Cedar, he doesn't even have fluffy fur. He looks like a lab, but he came from MAGRR too. His mama was a golden and I bet mine was too. If you can get past my beautiful multicolor coat, I bet you will love me too. Thanks for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon. Oh, one more thing. I want to thank MAGRR for saving my life. If they had not come to my rescue, I would not be here today.


Karma and Cedar (I told you that he looked like a lab)

Me (Sundance)

I am a handsome boy. (Sundance)

May 30, 2009

More Video

Staring Sundance (MAGRR foster), Cedar, Karma and Robbie.

May 28, 2009

Lazy Goldens

Sundance fits right in with our group of lazy goldens. It doesn't take long for our foster to catch the "lazy" bug. As you can see from the photos, we do have some lazy goldens and one lazy golden/lab mix.

Robbie (adopted December 2006) don't let him fool you, he just got up from his nap)
Sundance (MAGRR foster)
Karma (adopted November 2008)
Karma and Cedar

Cedar (adopted September 2005)

May 27, 2009

Baker's Story

On January 7, 2009, Kelly Perry, one of our intake volunteers, made a trip to the Tipton County Animal Shelter. She was on her way to rescue a golden boy that was in need of a good bath and someone to show him that he was worth saving. Kelly and her family became Baker's foster family. They provided him with special care and the love that he needed to hold his head up high and tell the world, "I was worth it, look at me now".

Well, this story has a great ending. After fostering him for months, the Perry's decided that this boy would always be a part of their family. In the foster world, we are always preparing ourselves to face the day when our foster baby leaves to be with their forever family. We give them a hug, and a kiss, and we send them on their way. With tears in our eyes we convince ourselves that we will feel better in a few days. But, sometimes we just know that we are the perfect forever family. Coming from a foster failure, I know the feeling. This is just one of the many "success" stories that comes our way.

Congratulations Kelly and Steve on a great success story. Baker looks so handsome and happy thanks to you.