January 27, 2012

Goodbye CeCe!

We said goodbye to CeCe this morning.  She is on her way home.

January 26, 2012

CeCe gets adopted!

CeCe travels to her new home tomorrow.  She may need a little time to get adjusted to her new life as a Patriot fan.  She liked to watch the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon and now she gets to root for her new home team, the New England Patriots.   We will miss you sweet CeCe (Fluffy).  We will think of you during the Super Bowl and whenever the New England Patriots play ball.

January 22, 2012

The girls play tug with Boston

CeCe and Friends


CeCe and Karma

Karma and Cedar





Karma and CeCe

CeCe and Boston

BOSTON:  "Hey CeCe, I thought you would be gone by now."
CECE:  "Why do you say that"?
BOSTON:  "Because most of the golden fosters only stay a few weeks."
CECE:  "Then, why are you still here?"
BOSTON:  "Because, I'm a Great Dane, not a golden."
CECE:  "I thought we decided that you were a Golden Dane and I was a Great Retriever."
BOSTON:  "No, silly.  You are a Golden Retriever and I am a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Oh, that's right.  Well, I think the process to get adopted does take a little time.  There has to be a phone interview and then a home visit.  Everyone that works with MAGRR and NMGDR are volunteers.  I bet we will both be adopted before you know it."
BOSTON:  "I will miss you CeCe (Fluffy)."
CECE:  "I will miss you too Boston (Big B.)."

January 18, 2012

My new swiffer sweeper!

This is CeCe.  Karma and I decided to help sweep the floor last night.  I am loving it at my foster home, but I am still waiting for a family of my own.  I am a very sweet girl.  I am housebroken and I don't have to stay in the crate.  I like playing with the tug rope or tennis ball.  I like sleeping on the Kuranda bed at night.  I like going for walks and I am a very good girl on the leash.  I have a very pretty fluffy golden coat.   Oh, one more thing before I go, Karma is a Golden Queen and I am a Golden Princess.  Don't you need a Princess in your home?  CeCe

January 16, 2012

CeCe Update

CeCe went for a long walk with Boston yesterday.  She is a dream on the leash.  She did not have to stop at all the mail boxes and she did not pull on the leash.  We have nicknamed her Sugar Bear.  She has the softest coat and she is the sweetest girl. She also likes to pose for the camera.

January 14, 2012

January 10, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to adopt CeCe

  1. I'm a beautiful blonde.
  2. I am soft and fluffy.
  3. I get along with other dogs.
  4. I am a little shy, but I love everyone.
  5. I'm a sugar bear.
  6. I will sleep on my dog bed.
  7. I don't dig.
  8. I like to play with dog toys.
  9. I'm a MAGRR dog.
  10. I don't counter surf.
It's me again.  I have some good news.  My foster mom and dad decided that I did not have to go into the crate while they were at work.  I'm FREE from the crate.  I was such a good girl.  I did not make any messes.  So, won't you take a chance on me. 

January 8, 2012


Hi everybody.  This is CeCe.  I got a chance to use my mom's computer and I wanted to say hi.  I'm still at my foster home.  I'm having a good time, but I sure would like to have my own family.  I am a very sweet girl.  I get along with other dogs and I like people.  I might be a little shy at first, but it does not take me long to wag my tail and give you a golden hug.  Oh, and don't hold it against me, but I am glad that the Saints and the Broncos won this weekend.  If I don't get adopted soon, I will have to start watching Nascar races too.

January 5, 2012


One year ago today, we had to let Tres go.  Rest in peace sweet boy.  We love you!

January 3, 2012

Our silly fosters!

BOSTON:   "CeCe, what kind of dog are you?"
CECE:   "I'm a Golden Retriever."
CECE:  "What kind of dog are you?"
BOSTON:  "I'm a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Why aren't you a Black Dane since I'm a Golden Retriever?"
BOSTON:  "I guess you can be a Great Retriever if you want."
CECE:  "But, I was rescued by the Golden Retriever lady so I have to be a Golden."
BOSTON:  "Well, I was rescued by the Great Dane lady so I have to be a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Ok, that sounds like a good idea."
BOSTON:  "Hey CeCe, why did you walk across the coffee table?"
CECE:  "To get to the other side."
BOSTON:  "Well, you better not get too comfortable here."
CECE:  "Why do you say that?"
BOSTON:  "Because I have been here since October and I've seen other goldens come and go."
CECE:  "If I do find my forever family, you will always be my best foster friend."
BOSTON:  "Love you CeCe."
CeCe:  "Love you Boston."