February 28, 2009

It is snowing in Memphis and the goldens love it!

Waiting patiently for a treat. (Cedar, Case, Karma and Robbie)

Case (blonde), Cedar and Karma

Case, Karma and Cedar


February 27, 2009

February 24, 2009

More Case video!

Goldens Everywhere!

Case is such a handsome boy and he knows the golden hug.

Karma can be good!

Cedar is a golden too!

Robbie is a pretty boy!

February 23, 2009

Casanova (Case)

What a great foster boy! Case has already proven that tall, blonde goldens will steal your heart everytime. He is a perfect model of a Golden Retriever. He will make a great addition to a family that is looking for pure golden love.

February 21, 2009

Casanova (Foster #66)

Meet Casanova, better known as Case. He was rescued from Arkansas on February 13. He was "on the run" and a nice man with MAGRR rescued him. He is a very handsome young blonde lad. He is settling in at our house and loves to play. Karma loves him already. He knows sit and takes treats nicely. He already knows how to go in and out the doggy door.

Case is the tall blonde golden with the bone in his mouth. He is not responsible for the holes in the yard. Karma (three-legged golden) is responsible for the holes.

Karma, Case, and Cedar

Robbie and Karma

February 11, 2009

Those silly goldens!

Cody (sleeping)
Timber (handsome blonde drinking water)
Cedar (golden mix pulling Robbie)
Robbie (90 lb golden being pulled by Cedar)
Karma (peeping through the doggy door)

February 1, 2009


Timber with his foster mom and Matthew.

Timber and Karma

Timber and Karma played in their own "Puppy Bowl" today.

Timber and Matthew

Timber met my nephew Matthew and his dad Mark this afternoon. He was really great with Matthew. He also loved meeting my sister, Sherry.

Karma and Timber are very tired from playing.