September 22, 2010


Barrett has picked up a bad habit from Robbie. He likes to retrieve the tennis ball and then sit in the yard and try to chew the cover off. What is it with these goldens?

Robbie is the one laying down. He probably has a tennis ball in his mouth.

September 19, 2010

Sneak Attack

Barrett loves to stand on the patio and wait for Cedar to rectrieve the tennis ball. He will wait for Cedar to bring the ball back and then he jumps toward him to play.

September 18, 2010


It has been two weeks and Barrett is looking so much better. He is such a great boy. As most MAGRR people know, I love my fosters the moment I pick them up and he is no exception. He has not learned to retrieve the tennis ball and bring it back, so Karma was a little sneaky and took it from him. He is having a great time and he is really enjoying being part of the family.

September 11, 2010

Barrett and Friends

Barrett is having a great time at his foster home. As predicted, Karma had to wait a few days before she officially accepted Barrett as a play mate. You see, Karma is the queen of canines in our house. Her two brothers, Cedar and Robbie have always let her have it "her way" and she just wants to make sure that the foster understands how things work around here. Usually, after about 3 or 4 days, she decides that she is going to play.

September 6, 2010


Barrett has settled in and he is enjoying being in a loving home. He is timid when it comes to new sounds, but he is getting used to things. He learned to use the doggy door after only a few moments and he is getting used to the crate. We only crate him if we leave the house, so he does bark at first. He loves being around the other dogs and of course he loves people. He has played with the dogs outside, but he really has not played much inside. It usually takes Karma a few days to warm up to the foster. She can be a little snobbish at first and I think she misses Flash so she is ignoring Barrett right now. He has already met my nephew, Matthew, so he does great with kids. I don't think he knows what treats are, but I am sure in a few days he will be eager to have one. He does take the treat nicely, but he does not always eat it. When a dog comes from the shelter and you can count his ribs, you know he did not have a very good life. Thanks MAGRR, for giving him a chance. He may not look like your typical golden, but he has the golden personality.

Robbie, Barrett and Karma

September 4, 2010

Barrett (foster #83)

Tim picked up our new foster boy yesterday. Flash was adopted and he is traveling to his new home. Barrett is a little skinny boy with a big heart. He is very sweet and he is getting to know our goldens. Watch for more posts as we get to know Barrett.