March 26, 2010

Davis is on the transport!

Davis is on his way home. We will miss this sweet boy.

March 25, 2010

Davis has a big day!

Davis went for a ride today. He first visited CPH to get his health certificate. He will be traveling on the transport tomorrow to meet his new family. After the vet visit, he had to stop at Taco Bell (well, it wasn't his idea) and then it was on to the Three Dog Bakery. He had a great time looking around and visiting the frosting bar. It was then time to get back in the truck and head home.

March 24, 2010

Missy (shelter dog at the West Memphis shelter)

If you know of anyone that might want to rescue this sweet yellow lab, she is currently at the West Memphis Animal Shelter. She has a light to medium case of heartworms. She is around 2 years old.


Davis has loved laying on the Kuranda bed. When we purchased 26 Kuranda beds for the West Memphis Animal shelter, I brought one home just to see if our goldens would try it out. Davis is the only one that has gotten on it. I guess the others are too spoiled to lay on a dog bed. Our high school students delivered the 26 beds to the shelter this past Friday. I am also posting a few pictures from the shelter. While I was there, I discovered a golden boy named Jersey. MAGRR agreed to rescue this boy and he is now waiting for a foster home. This is what rescue is all about. Davis looks so handsome laying on the Kuranda bed and he is resting up for his big trip to the northeast.

Shelter Dogs

Davis on the Kuranda bed.

Davis getting his medicated bath.



March 22, 2010

Davis gets adopted!

Davis will be traveling to the northeast on Friday. He will meet his forever family. He is such a great golden and he deserves a great family. We will miss him dearly.

March 13, 2010


Davis again. It has not taken me long to settle in at my foster home. I am loving it here. I have 3 friends to play with and a family to love me. I am just waiting for the day when I get my own family. I have been a very good boy in the house. I have not had any accidents in the house and I have learned to go in and out the doggy door. I love playing with Karma. She and I like to play with the tug rope. Cedar and Robbie will play with me a little bit, but Karma is my best friend. When you watch my videos, you might hear some barking, but it is all friendly. Cedar like to bark at us when we are outside. I think he is trying to be bossy. I had another medicated bath yesterday, and I acted very good in the bathtub. I am still a little itchy, but I feel so much better. My fur is beginning to look better too. I hope you enjoy the videos. By the way, Karma is the pretty girl with a missing paw, Cedar looks like a lab, Robbie is the taller golden and I am the blonde boy. Davis

March 7, 2010

Davis (Foster #78)

Hi everybody, this is Davis. I am now enjoying being at my foster home. I was a stray and my golden coat may not be very pretty right now, but I am now eating good food and taking some medicine. After a week or so, you probably won't recognize me. I am trying to get my foster sister and brothers to play with me, but they just look at me and turn around. I think it is my itching that turns them off. My foster mom assures me that Karma will play in a few days. She does little hopping thing so I am a little spooked by her anyway. She seems like a sweet girl so I will get to used to her soon. I have now learned how to go in and out the doggy door and I have not had any accidents in the house. I do like to play with the ball. Just yesterday, I played by myself. I would nudge the ball and go after it. It was fun, but I am ready to play with the other dogs. I will give you another update in a few days. Davis