November 28, 2010

Argus is getting ready for Christmas!

Cedar, Robbie, Karma and Argus
Argus finally decided to get up and move around a bit. We had 4 lazy goldens on a Sunday afternoon.

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everybody. This is Baby Tri (Argus). I just wanted to thank MAGRR for rescuing me and my brothers and sisters. I am so thankful that MAGRR got me the medical treatment that I needed. I know that some people might not understand why a cute little Golden Retriever puppy might be thankful when he just lost his leg, but I am. You see, I did not use my left back leg and I kept getting some sharp pains in my leg. I would lay on the couch (yes, I do get on the furniture) and whimper. My foster parents knew that something was going on with my leg. I would run fast in the backyard, but I did not put any weight on that leg. I was already a three-legged puppy, but I just did not know it. This post is not meant to bring tears of sadness, so I am sorry if you get a little teary eyed. This post is my Thanksgiving message. To all the wonderful people that find it in their hearts to save animals that are not fortunate to have a loving family, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

November 23, 2010

Argus (Baby Tri)

Argus got his staples removed today and he is doing great.
He likes to take the bathroom rugs and blankets to the top of the stairs and hang out.

It is much easier for Argus to eat with his bowl elavated. He was not very happy with the box. I think it was a little too high. He prefers to eat out of Karma's bowl. His granddaddy will have to make him a new food station for Christmas.

November 20, 2010

November 16, 2010

Argus Update

Hi everybody, Argus here. I have been getting lots of rest at my foster home. I am getting around so good without my bad leg. I'm not sure what happened, but I don't have any more pain. As soon as I got home, I ran up the stairs and back down again. I do get a little tired after playing for a little while. I love eating out of Karma's dog bowl because it sits up high and I don't have to lay down to eat. I have been going to my Aunt Sherry's house while mom and dad are at work. I don't mind the crate, but I don't need to get bord and decide to lick my stitches (staples). I am taking my medicine like a big boy. It is time for another nap, so I will talk to everyone later.

November 11, 2010

Argus comes home

I went by CPH this afternoon to visit Argus, and he got to come home. He is such a happy boy. He is adjusting so well without his leg. He loves to hang out at the top of the stairs. When his ball went tumbling down, Cedar, Robbie and Karma all three watched him go down the stairs and then back up. So, if you were worried about Argus like I was, rest assured that he is doing just fine. Thanks to MAGRR, this little boy will have a great life.

November 10, 2010

Sad News

Argus is recovering from his surgery. His leg was worse than the vets first thought, and he had to have it removed today. He should be able to come home on Friday. Keep sweet Argus in your thoughts and prayers.

November 8, 2010

Agrus Update

I took Argus to the vet on Thursday for more x-rays on his left back leg. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. On our way home, we stopped at Three Dog Bakery so he could visit the frosting bar. He loved the bakery and everyone loved him. His foster Aunt Sherry bought him a toy to have while he recovers from his surgery. I took him back Friday morning for his surgery. I called the vet today and he needs to stay at the clinic for a few more days. As soon as we get this sweet guy home, I will post more pictures. In the mean time, keep sweet Argus in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

November 3, 2010


Argus is having a great time with his foster brothers and sister. He has the sweetest face and he loves to carry rugs, towels or blankets around. He likes to head up the stairs with his goodies. Just today, he headed up the stairs with Cedar's food bowl. Of course, I did not have my video camera.

Agrus and Cedar's bowl

Argus and Robbie

Argus and Cedar

Argus and his rugs