February 8, 2010

Snow Day

Cedar, Karma, Mariah and Robbie
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Another Snow Day in Memphis

Let it snow, Let it snow!!

Mariah and Karma love playing in the snow.

Our goldens love the snow.

February 7, 2010


Mariah enjoyed watching the NASCAR Bud Shootout last night with her foster buddies. She also enjoyed dreaming of sweet thoughts.

February 6, 2010

Take a Chance on Me

Hi! It's Mariah again. I'm still at my foster home, just waiting for my forever family. I am still having a great time, but I do long for my "real" family. Will you please give me a chance? Don't get me wrong, I love playing with Karma and the boys. I do, however; feel like something is missing. MAGRR did me such a big favor when they rescued me from the Memphis Animal Shelter and I am ready to give something back.

I want my own family so they can feel the "warm fuzzy" feeling that I felt when the nice man from MAGRR came to my rescue. I was stuck in a cage at the shelter not really knowing what would happen to me. I had heard a few comments from my kennel neighbors, that "her ears look a little high for a golden, so I bet the golden people won't take her. " "She is a little small for a golden, so I bet they won't take her." Then I heard these words, "The MAGRR people are great though, and they do take chances sometimes." At that moment, I heard my kennel door open and there he was, the MAGRR man was saving me. It got really quiet and I heard the dog in the cage next to me say, "They took her, the golden people took her". "Bye, golden dog, good luck." Sometimes, fate just happens and you tell yourself that "it was just my day". Ok, I know I am rambling, so just take a look at my video and see if you can take a chance on me. Thanks for watching, Mariah