April 24, 2010

Blake (Foster #80)

Meet Blake, our newest foster. What a great boy. Blake is 7 years old and his family no longer wanted him. We decided to get this boy for the weekend so he would not have to stay in a kennel during the storms. What a great decision. He is just wonderful. As you can see from the picture, he is a big red boy. He learned how to go up and down the stairs and he also learned how to go in and out the doggy door. He is a very smart boy. He fit right in with our golden crew.So, how many goldens can lay around in one room?

Starring: Blake, Missy, Robbie, Karma, and Cedar

April 18, 2010

Missy and Cedar

I just wanted to share a little information about why we are fostering Missy (a lab) instead of a golden from MAGRR. Well, it goes back 4 years ago. We fostered a golden named Jamie and she had a litter of puppies. All of the puppies looked like labs. We adopted one of the puppies and named him Cedar. Cedar has all the great qualities of both a golden retriever and a lab. When I saw Missy at the West Memphis Animal Shelter, I could not get her our of my mind. I kept thinking that she looked so much like Cedar. So, to make a long story short, we are fostering Missy. She will be ready to be adopted in a few weeks.


A beautiful day for the retrievers!

Cedar had a lot of fun retrieving the tennis ball. Karma played short stop while Robbie laid around and chewed on a ball. Missy just hung around me because she is going through heartworm treatment and needs to be inactive.