March 12, 2009

And the Winner is?

Champ vs Karma

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Tim Houska said...

I have visited your site a few times. It's a wonderful thing you and your family are doing. I have visited the MAGRR site many times and have recently been introduced to blogging (a college class I'm taking).I understand the folks from MAGRR visit your home before you're allowed to adopt. I understand and believe this is a good thing. What are they looking for? I have a fenced yard and another acre outside the fence with a lake, however we are really poor house keepers. On the one hand thats good,the concern of fur being everywhere is greatly reduced, on the other hand the clutter is thick enough that we don't entertain much outside our family and we are somewhat embarrassed of it.
We lost Jake (Yellowbeast) two weeks before Christmas and the house just hasn't been the same. We had him almost 15 years. We have another dog and she is nearly 14 and not a Golden.You sure can grow attached to them. Any way we have debated getting a pup or adopting.Sweety, my wife would like a pup and we would like my daughter to experience that too, however adopting certainly seems like the more noble thing to do.If you would like to see a picture of our old dog he is the one pictured in the ENGM604SP09 blog. I welcome your comments-Tim