May 27, 2009

Baker's Story

On January 7, 2009, Kelly Perry, one of our intake volunteers, made a trip to the Tipton County Animal Shelter. She was on her way to rescue a golden boy that was in need of a good bath and someone to show him that he was worth saving. Kelly and her family became Baker's foster family. They provided him with special care and the love that he needed to hold his head up high and tell the world, "I was worth it, look at me now".

Well, this story has a great ending. After fostering him for months, the Perry's decided that this boy would always be a part of their family. In the foster world, we are always preparing ourselves to face the day when our foster baby leaves to be with their forever family. We give them a hug, and a kiss, and we send them on their way. With tears in our eyes we convince ourselves that we will feel better in a few days. But, sometimes we just know that we are the perfect forever family. Coming from a foster failure, I know the feeling. This is just one of the many "success" stories that comes our way.

Congratulations Kelly and Steve on a great success story. Baker looks so handsome and happy thanks to you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gerry! You are too sweet....KP

Wendy Ray said...

What an awesome story! Miss you guys! Marley says, "Hi Cedar!"