January 28, 2009

Timber gets a bath.

Timber was such a good boy when he got a bath. He played in the snow today and got his beautiful coat a little dirty.

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Poppy Update

Poppy traveled to Vermont last week to meet her forever family. Thanks so much for giving this precious girl a home.

Fruity Dogs

We have proof that our dogs are fruity (including our foster Timber). They are waiting patiently for pineapple on a snowy Wednesday morning.

Snow Day!

Well, it finally snowed (a little) in Tennessee. We had just enough snow to get a day out of school. Karma, Cedar, Robbie and Timber (our foster) loved going outside and playing.

January 27, 2009

Keltie update

Keltie traveled to Maine a few weeks ago to meet her new family. She is having a great time playing in the snow with her MAGRR brother Jack (formerly Paughan), Taylor(her golden friend), and Haley (her lab friend). Getting updates like these make fostering even more enjoyable. Seeing one of my fosters in their forever home is priceless. Thanks George for giving Keltie a family to call her own.

January 26, 2009


Timber is having a great time at his foster home. Can two goldens go out the doggy door at the same time?

A very tired Timber.

January 23, 2009

Timber (foster #65)

It is hard to believe that Timber is our 65th foster for MAGRR. We have fostered so many sweet, beautiful, and smart golden retrievers and Timber is no exception. He came into our home this afternoon and fit right in with our goldens. He knows sit and stay. He does not jump up or counter surf. He seems to be very easy going and likes people. He knows how to go in and out the doggy door and he likes to retrieve the tennis ball. More to come as we get to know this blond boy.

January 18, 2009

Poppy is a star.

Poppy gets a long drink of water and Cedar fusses at her. If anybody gets too close to his bone, he has to give them the ugly face.

Poppy (foster #64)

Poppy is a sweet golden girl. She was a little nervous when she first got to our home, but she is beginning to be a little more trusting. She has started playing with our golden, Karma. She loves to be around people and she just needs a loving family to teach her that things are going to be ok.

January 1, 2009


I can tell already, that this is going to be a great year. A nice lady from the Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue group took me away from a cold shelter a few weeks ago. I stayed at that Vet place for a few days and then I went to stay with a nice foster family. Boy am I having loads of fun. I have met some great goldens. I have 3 foster brothers, Cedar, Robbie and Cody. Cody is an old guy so he doesn't have much to do with me. I also have a foster sister named Karma. Karma is missing part of her front left foot, but she is lots of fun. In fact, she is my best gal pal. Her nickname is Baby Girl and mine is Baby Baby Girl. All three of these friends were also rescued by the nice people at MAGRR. My foster mom took this video on New Year's morning just to prove that I am having a great time with my foster brothers and sister. Oh, by the way, I am house trained, I learned to use the doggy door, and I am a love bug.

Thanks MAGRR for a new beginning,
Keltie (foster #63)