May 29, 2010

Tarnished Gold Shines Again

Buddy was dropped off at a shelter about a month ago. His family no longer wanted him. He was treated for heart worms and provided a foster home while he recovered. Today, he met his new family and they adore him. He traveled from Memphis to Vermont to meet his new family. He will have a golden sister and a mom & dad that love him. He will also have a few feline friends. When we got home from dinner tonight, we listened to a message from his new mom. He is doing great and they love him. Since I will never see him again, I should be shedding tears of sadness, instead, I have a few tears of joy. Another success story, thanks MAGRR for taking a chance on this boy. Buddy was our foster number 80.


Anonymous said...

Buddy is the gentle giant , we are so in love, he is so smart, when he and Josie ( MAGRR dog too) get cookies they have a new trick, they both put their paws up on Dick's arm and stay there until they get the cookie, ever so gentle ! We are BLESSED, and cant believe how lucky we are.

patti said...

I thought I was dealing a bit better with the loss of our Buddy until I read this, just added to the wonderful memories....bless you my Buddy Boy and Gerry for making it all happen

Gerry said...

Well Patti, I thought I was doing ok as well until I read this again. Everything happens for a reason, and Buddy finding you and Dick was part of the plan. He had a loving family that cared for him and a few years of happiness is so much better than a life time of sadness.