June 11, 2010

MAGRR needs foster homes!

Hi everybody, this is Karma. I was adopted by my foster family over a year ago. You see, I was a stray that found myself locked up in a kennel at the Memphis Animal Shelter. The nice people from MAGRR came to my rescue and somehow I found my foster family. I was so afraid that my handicap would prevent anyone from wanting me. I get around just fine with 3 feet, but sometimes people aren't willing to take a chance on a dog that is different. Anyway, they were at the vet's office with their sweet senior golden named Ginger. Ginger was not doing well and they knew that the time had come to let her go. They found it in their hearts to take a MAGRR foster home with them and it was me. I would hear them talk about adopting me because it was karma working. They lost their Ginger and they rescued me. So, I became Karma and I was adopted. I can't tell you how many times that they say I act just like Ginger. She was the queen of the household and now I am the princess. I have gotten to foster lots of goldens since I came here, and it is a blast. I love meeting all the new dogs and finding new friends. They don't even seem to care if I have a handicap. So, if you are visiting my blog, and you live in the Memphis area, why don't you think about becoming a foster for MAGRR. It is a very fun and rewarding experience. You get to meet and love lots of goldens and then see them find their forever homes. My foster mom gets to meet lots of new people too. Visit our web site at http://www.magrr.org/ to find out more information. Thanks for listening, Karma


Wendy Ray said...

Awww...that's so sweet. Makes me want to run get a foster right now! Once we get our house situation settled, we will get a foster again. Thanks for all you do, Gerry!

Jera said...

Hi Gerry, Just checking out your blog.. I saw Jonah and Jules on facebook and after a good cry, (Jonah breaks my heart) surfed to the available goldens page and saw your link to the blog. Love the story about Karma--3 legged dogs are near and dear to our heart. Hershey (Fergus now) is doing great. His gold "sister" Ellie is also a tripod. She is missing a front leg. We had to have it amputated all the way to shoulder due to synovial cell sarcoma in 2006. Nobody ever told her that it was supposed to be a problem though. She turned 11 yesterday and is stubborn as ever...still doing stairs with arthritis in the back and one leg in the front. She keeps Fergus busy! I think I saw a photo of Fergus on a blanket in your slide show of fosters. He is such a fun dog.. lots of zip and plenty of dog love to hand out. We never allowed the dogs on the furniture before him.. but somehow he broke us in to the idea and has claimed several large pieces of furniture for himself :) He is our second MAGRR dog. Jackson was our first. We got him on Easter in 2004. He died at age 9 of cancer and was a GREAT dog. So glad we had him those short few years. It wasn't long before we were looking at the MAGRR dogs after we lost Jackson. Fergus was our guy! I will give Fergus a scratch for you. Jeralee Mornhinweg