August 6, 2010


I learned another lesson this morning. I heard the baby gate fall and I just sat there and did nothing. You see, I got a new computer and I was too busy trying to get it up and running to really pay much attention to the dogs. I would usually investigate to see what is going on. Like some fosters, we use baby gates to control the areas of the home that you might now want the dogs to romp around in. As you can see from the photo, I should have investigated. I could not even get upset because in a way it was my fault for not checking things out sooner. After picking up the extra pieces and looking at the bag, I began to think about the different times when things like this occurred. In most instances, it was somehow my fault or at least another person's fault. For instance, when Karma was younger and she chewed up the Blackberry. Who left the Blackberry within her reach? But then again, maybe he just wanted an excuse to get an IPhone. When the first patio cushion was destroyed, who left the other one outside knowing that it might get torn up? Who left the shoes downstairs? Who left the cookies on the counter? OK, enough about all this. I guess my point is "I should be more observant." You can't get mad at the dog if you were the one not thinking things through carefully. Flash even posed for a cute picture with my pretty Vera Bradley duffle bag.

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