May 29, 2010

Tarnished Gold Shines Again

Buddy was dropped off at a shelter about a month ago. His family no longer wanted him. He was treated for heart worms and provided a foster home while he recovered. Today, he met his new family and they adore him. He traveled from Memphis to Vermont to meet his new family. He will have a golden sister and a mom & dad that love him. He will also have a few feline friends. When we got home from dinner tonight, we listened to a message from his new mom. He is doing great and they love him. Since I will never see him again, I should be shedding tears of sadness, instead, I have a few tears of joy. Another success story, thanks MAGRR for taking a chance on this boy. Buddy was our foster number 80.

Missing Buddy

It seems a little lonely this morning. I think Missy even misses her pal Buddy. I woke up several times last night thinking about him on the transport. Well, he is almost home. Only a few more hours and he will meet his new mom and dad. Love you Buddy!

May 28, 2010

The Big Day!

The day has arrived and it is time to say goodbye to Buddy. We will miss this sweet boy. I always tell people that it is far more rewarding to foster and that somehow you just find the strength to let them go. A friend of mine posted a message on facebook a while back that said it all. When people make comments like "I could never work at the shelter, it is just too much to handle, or I could never foster, because I could not let them go." Well, if it weren't for people like us, what would happen to them? It is very difficult to say goodbye, but I do get to love them for a little while and the time that I have spent with all of my fosters is priceless. We love you Buddy. Your Foster Mom and Dad

May 26, 2010

A Buddy Moment

I'm just sitting here watching American Idol and listening to the performers. I just heard the song "With a Little Help from my Friends", and I thought about Buddy. Well, I actually began to think about all the dogs and the people that I have met through MAGRR. Buddy happens to be foster number 80 and I am just amazed that I have met 80 dogs that I can call my friends. When those 80 dogs are adopted, I have then met at least 80 new people. I may not meet all of the adopters face to face, but I do talk with them and get to know them just a little. Not only have I met adopters, but MAGRR has a great group of volunteers that I call my friends. So, if you would like to get involved with MAGRR, just let us know. Visit our website at . Thanks for all the memories and I look forward to many more. What a beautiful day!

May 23, 2010


Buddy and Missy hang out on the patio. Buddy went for a walk today since he did not get to go to Shelby Farms yesterday and swim.

May 20, 2010

Retrievers (both labs and goldens) sit for a treat!

Missy, Robbie, Buddy and Cedar wait for a treat.

May 18, 2010

What a sweet boy!

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

May 16, 2010

Retrievers and their bones!

Everyone enjoyed chewing on their rawhide bones. Buddy (red boy), Robbie, Cedar, Missy and Karma (almost under the table)
note: the video goes out of focus for a moment and then clears up (I am not sure why this is happening)

May 14, 2010

Our fosters, Buddy and Missy play with Karma

Buddy, Missy and Karma

Robbie and Buddy enjoy some foster dad time.

May 13, 2010


Cedar and Buddy wait for a treat.

Buddy decided that he wanted to play (just a little) with the girls.

May 11, 2010

Buddy and Friends

It is 5:30 p.m. in Memphis and it is 85 degrees. Buddy and Missy decide to go back in after a few minutes.

May 8, 2010


Buddy loves to lay on the cool concrete floor.

Buddy gets adopted!

Buddy (Blake) will be traveling to his new home in a few weeks. He is resting at his foster home and recovering from his heart worm treatment. He is such a sweet red boy and we will miss him when he leaves. But until then, I am going to enjoy my foster boy. He loves to lay around while I am working on the computer and he is so content to just be part of the family.

May 5, 2010


More video of Blake. He is trying out the Kuranda bed. Oh, the noise in the background is Ms. Missy bossing Karma and Cedar. She wants them to play and they are not cooperating. It really is a friendly bark.

May 4, 2010


Blake (red golden) has settled in at his foster home. He is a under "house rest" since he has been treated for heartworms. He likes to just hang out with his foster brothers and sisters. He and Missy (yellow lab) enjoyed watching a movie on Saturday afternoon.