January 26, 2011

Our dogs!

Since we don't have a MAGRR foster dog right now, I thought I would give our goldens a little blog time. They have helped us foster so many rescued goldens that I thought they should be in the spotlight.

We adopted Cedar in 2005. We fostered his mom and 6 siblings. After fostering the puppies for 8 weeks, we could not let the little blonde boy go. Cedar is very layed back and loves to be around his mom. He is the reason why MAGRR helped rescue Missy and Barrett. I have a soft spot for those beautiful blonde "labs". I do have to remind people from time to time, that Cedar is a Golden Retriever and we have proof. He is not really interested in playing with the fosters, but he does get along with everyone. Cedar only plays with Karma and Robbie. He loves to go to Shelby Farms and swim. He is a great retriever. He will go after the tennis ball, then bring it back and place it in your hand.

We adopted Robbie in 2006 when he was only about a year old. He was rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. Robbie is our alpha boy. He wants all of the fosters to know that he is the canine in charge. Over the years, Robbie has settled down a bit and he tolerates the fosters. He likes to chase the tennis ball, but when he gets it, he lays down and chews the cover off. When we first took him to Shelby Farms, years ago, Tim had to teach him how to swim. I will never forget that first trip to the lake and watching my big boy learn to swim.

We adopted Karma in 2008 when she was about a year old. She was recued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. We lost our sweet golden girl, Ginger on the same day that we were scheduled to pick up a new foster. After losing Ginger, we decided that it was "karma" that brought this little tripod girl into our lives. Her MAGRR name was Charmie, but we changed it to Karma. She is missing her left front paw. We aren't sure, but it looks like she was born this way. She is our sweet little "buttercup". Now don't get me wrong, Karma is the queen of the canines at our house. She always seems to get her way with her two brothers. She has helped us foster so many goldens and we can always depend on Karma to play with the fosters. Karma is also known as K.K., Karma K., Butter, and Baby Girl.

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dbeady said...

I love your pictures of Karma. I grew up with a golden named "Goldie" who was just like her. She was born a tripod with only a short stump for a front leg. She was the best dog ever, and pictures of Karma bring back memories of her.