February 25, 2011

Peaches Comes Home!

Peaches has recovered and she is back at her foster home. She is so glad to be back. Griffin was so excited to see his foster friend. They have been running around the backyard and playing. Peaches had no problem going up the stairs or out the doggie door. We are so thankful that she has recovered and I know she is anxious to meet her forever family. Until then, we will love her as if she is our own. Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers her way.
Just this morning,some students at my high school were participating in a project with one of the special education classes. One of our faculty members brought his small dog to school to meet the students. As they walked down the hall, you could hear students commenting on how cute the dog was and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. I truly believe that pets bring out the best in people. They sure do brighten my day.

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