December 7, 2011

Our 100 Fosters

  1. George W. (we met Tracie at a gas station to pick him up)
  2. Harrison (he is blind, but still living in Nashville and he now has a new golden brother)
  3. Wiley (beautiful red boy)
  4. P.J. (it was snowing when we met her adopter)
  5. Haylee (she was skinny and we called her Hazy)
  6. T. Rex (tallest golden I have ever seen)
  7. Sandy (we fostered her with T. Rex and they were adopted by the same family)
  8. Caddy (picked her up during the golf tournament)
  9. Mindy (sweet girl)
  10. Shasta (had a cute little curl that we named)
  11. Ethan (Tim tried to teach him to swim and he rolled over on his back, RIP)
  12. Buzz (beautiful blonde boy)
  13. Claire (we called her Claire Bear)
  14. Harvest (we took him to Herb Parson's Lake with Angelina to run and he led the way. RIP)
  15. Angelina (I always regretted not adopting this one.  She was so skinny and we had her for months)
  16. Peggy Sue (sweet girl)
  17. Millie (sweet blonde girl)
  18. Milo (tall boy)
  19. Chelsea (sweet little baby girl)
  20. Teddy (worked at the Germantown Village until he died, RIP)
  21. Buckley (went to a Business teacher in Arkansas, RIP)
  22. Carney (got him during the time of the Mid South Fair)
  23. Captain Jack (beautiful buff boy)
  24. Raskal (RIP sweet boy)
  25. Jamie (we found out she was pregnant a few weeks after we got her)
  26. Cedar (Jamie pup that we adopted, mama's boy, Ceed, CC, Cedar Allen)
  27. Marley (Jamie pup, Cedar's twin sister)
  28. Baxter (Jamie pup, we called him Moe, RIP sweet boy)
  29. McAlister (Jamie pup, big Mac)
  30. Jack (Jamie pup, we called him Max)
  31. Gertrude (Jamie pup, Little Bitsy)
  32. Louie (Jamie pup, we called him Carl)
  33. Bowser (beautiful boy)
  34. Maxx (blonde golden boy)
  35. Rusty (red boy)
  36. Aaron (tall beautiful boy)
  37. Kylee (Ky Ky, RIP sweet girl)
  38. Taylor (another baby boy)
  39. Robyn (beautiful red girl)
  40. Cyndi (sweet baby girl)
  41. Robbie (we adopted this boy, Dobbs, RD, our alpha boy)
  42. Zeus (light buff boy)
  43. Sophie (a small golden girl that barked)
  44. Jamie (J.J) (sweet red boy)
  45. Dusty (red boy with a cute cowlick on his head)
  46. Mason (golden boy)
  47. Harlee (sweet little golden boy)
  48. Bayer (brown golden)
  49. Clifton (sweet baby boy, we called him Cliffy)
  50. Heidie (sweet little golden girl)
  51. Hershey (brown golden)
  52. Colby (the big brothers that were adopted together)
  53. Baxter (the other big brother)
  54. Liam (baby Liam that went to live with his MAGRR sis Lady Bug)
  55. Lady (RIP sweet girl)
  56. Dixie (sweet girl)
  57. Keira (a baby girl)
  58. Chelsey (another baby girl)
  59. Flora (another baby girl)
  60. Winston (sweet boy)
  61. Layla (Lay Lay)
  62. Karma (our tripod girl, we picked her up the day that our Ginger went to the Bridge, KK, Karma K, Baby Girl, Butter, Cupcake)
  63. Keltie (sweet little baby girl)
  64. Poppy (reminded me of Ginger)
  65. Timber (sweet blonde boy)
  66. Casanova (Major) fostered him around Valentine's Day, beautiful boy, Memphis Mafia
  67. Champ (loved my Champ)
  68. Savannah Mae (reminded me of Ginger)
  69. Lillian (sweet girl)
  70. Poncho (Jackson) (I see him often because a friend of mine adopted him)
  71. Sundance (beautiful boy that did not look like your typical golden)
  72. Zipper (had a zipper on his face, loved this little sweet boy)
  73. Maddox (Max) (Major #66 got a brother, Memphis Mafia)
  74. Drew (sweet red boy)
  75. Ritchie (another sweet baby boy)  He loved going to see Matthew.
  76. Honey Bear (Bella) (sweet, sweet baby girl, she had a skin issue but is now a beautiful Bella)
  77. Mariah (another sweet girl)
  78. Davis (great boy, had skin issues but we watched him transform into a beautiful boy)
  79. Missy (Lab mix that MAGRR helped me adopt,  thanks to Gary she received her heartworm treatment and is living the good life in the northeast.)  I miss Missy!
  80. Blake (Buddy)  (What a great boy.  He was a perfect golden.  Loving the good life with his golden sis Josie.)
  81. Bosco (beautiful boy that loved to play)
  82. Flash (my red boy, he ate a strap on a Vera Bradley duffel bag, I still have the bag and the handle is still broken.  I think of him every time I see it.)
  83. Barrett (sweet little skinny boy,  we saw him transform into a handsome golden boy.
  84. Autumn (Tres' sister, she and Tres loved to lay on the couch together.)
  85. Argus (Tres) (My sweet tri Tres that I will never get over.  I miss him every day.) 
  86. Holly (we fostered Holly during Christmas and she loved Tres.  She is a beautiful blonde girl.)
  87. Peaches (Matthew loved Peach.  She was a very laid back golden.  I loved my Peach. My mom and I drove half way to Nashville to meet Peaches' mom.  That was a great day.)
  88. Griffin (Tres' brother, Griffin was a light buff colored Tres.)
  89. J.J. (Jake) Matthew loved playing ball with Jake. 
  90. Bree (another sweet baby girl)
  91. Jimbo (beautiful boy)
  92. Fancy (Lady) (looked like Cedar and is living the good life up north)
  93. Walker (What a handsome boy.)
  94. Sunshine (Calli)  (My sweet Sun.  Reminded me of Peaches.)
  95. Lillie Bell (another baby girl) I love these baby girls.
  96. Ruby (Bella) (such a cool dog)
  97. Coach (Cody) (Matthew loved playing with Coach.  He went to football games and loved walking on the leash.)
  98. Moe (my little Moe Joe, he and Boston went to an event with us and they became best friends.)
  99. Lula Belle (Lula Snowflake, I will miss this girl,  she loves being around people and we loved her)
  100. Blessing (another sweet, skinny baby girl, she looks like my Cedar)

If you adopted one of my fosters, I would love to hear from you.  I love getting updates on my foster babies. 

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