November 2, 2012

Penny is on her way home!

Penny left this morning for her new home in the Northeast.  I will miss my sweet Pen.


Penny's Mom said...

Hi Gerry,
Penny is awesome!!! We can't believe how quickly she has settled in thanks to your great care. She had a play date today with her MAGRR counsin Zeke and they had a ball. They even went swimming in the lake and did not seem to mind at all that the water is quite cold. I sent a picture to Phyl.
Take care and thanks again for our special girl!

Nancy said...

Hi Gerry,
Just wanted to let you know that we spent 4 days at Thanksgiving with our Grandsons and Penny was wonderful. I don't know who loved who more, the kids loved Penny and Penny loved the kids. She is just awesome.
Happy Holidays!