December 22, 2012

Lexie (foster #106) & Daisy Gray (foster #107)

Meet our 2 newest foster girls.  Lexie and her sis, Daisy Gray are enjoying living the good life in doors.  They are adjusting very well.  Daisy is a little unsure of things.  They have both learned to go up and down the stairs.  Daisy learned to go in and out the doggy door within just a few moments.  Lexie is a little unsure of the door right now.  They are two very sweet girls.  Check back often for more updates on these two girls.  Since school is out for Christmas, I will have more time to post.
Daisy Gray (in the back) and Lexie


Daisy Gray and Lexie


Daisy Gray and Lexie

Daisy and her new friends.  The empty spot was for Lexie.


Ashley said...

The dogs all look beautiful! I have Currently been emailing/call about Lexie the dane, but your Goldens look amazing as well and I'd be happy to take one of them home if you feel that to be a better fit after looking at my application :)

Anonymous said...

I just lost my bf Jack last week. Seeing your dogs brings tears to my eyes, enjoy them, time is so fleeting.