January 24, 2013

Beckett (foster #108)

Meet our new foster boy, Beckett.  When I picked him up, I expected a sad, shy little golden boy. Wow!  He is a beautiful Golden Retriever.  Boy! Do Goldens clean up nicely.  He has settled in with his foster brothers and sister.  He loves Thor (the Great Dane).  He is about 10 months old and he just needs someone to give him the love that he deserves and some training.  We are working on getting him to sit and stay.  He already sits nicely for treats and he learned to use the doggy door after just a few minutes. So far, he is house trained and has not shown any signs of being a chewer. Check back for more updates.
Before MAGRR

After MAGRR (smiling)

"Thor, why are you so tall?"

Robbie, Karma, Beckett, and Thor

I'm thirsty!

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