May 26, 2008

Keira (Memorial Day)

Keira loves to carry a tennis ball around, but she does not retrieve it yet. She will start to run after it, and then turn around. She is beginning to follow Cedar and Robbie when they go out the doggie door. We are not sure how she acts around cats, but we will try to do a "cat test" in the next few days or so. Keira does have an ear infection. She is currently getting ear drops once a day.


Momoko said...

Hi,I like ball too.I respect people about all animal resucue. said...

Hi Gerry-
I should've asked what you are currently feeding Keira so that I can be prepared for when she gets to us. At what times do you feed her? Also, I assume she's on Heartguard and Frontline now, when is she due for the next round? Thanks. Sheila