May 25, 2008


Keira is a very quiet and easy going girl. She really does not play or interact with our goldens. She likes to be loved and she is content just laying close to the family.

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I am currently waiting for a MAGRR dog. Keira looks so much like the golden we lost to cancer a year ago. Do you know if she is good with cats yet? Also, how did her vet check go? My family is anxiously awaiting a new family member. While puppies are cute, there are far too many adults who need good homes. My kids are 17 & 11 and can't wait. My 17 year old has reservations about Keira only because she looks so much like Molly and I think he feels like he would be betraying his first golden love. We're also looking at Lily but have to wait until Wednesday when the adoption coord. gets back. Obviously we want the dog meant for us and take comfort in the fact that MAGRR also wants that and what is best for each dog.