January 10, 2010


Hello everyone. I am having a great time at my foster home. I love playing with Karma and the boys. I sure am getting excited about getting my own family. If you give me a chance and get to know me, I am sure you will fall in love with me. I am a little on the small side. I only weigh about 36 lbs. Just think, you can pick me up and give me hugs anytime you want to. I have a very pretty soft coat that is great for cuddling. Ok, enough of the girly stuff. Just watch my video and fall in love. I am the small blonde. Karma is my foster sis (she is missing a leg), Robbie is the big golden (everyone thinks he is so handsome) and Cedar is the one that looks like a lab (he is always telling me that he is a golden, so tell him I said anything). Enjoy!! Mariah

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wildjoy5416 said...

My husband and I are very interested in Mariah. We have sent in an application approximately four weeks ago, got a reply, but nothing since.

We look daily to see how Mariah is doing and if she is still in foster care.

Hopefully, we will hear something very soon. John & Joy Wild