January 23, 2010


Hi everybody. It's me again. I don't know why I have not been adopted yet, but I am having fun at my foster home. It has been raining in Memphis and our backyard is a little wet and soggy, but we did get a chance to play tug this afternoon. But before I went out to play, my foster mom just had to take a cute picture. I think she added a few touchups to my photo, but I sure look like a little princess. In fact, I think my name should be Princess. I don't really know my name anyway, so when I get my new family they can choose a really cool name for me. After I posed for my photo (I like to lay under the computer desk), I went outside to play with Karma. We like to play with the tug rope. I hope everyone likes my video. Mariah

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Wendy Ray said...

Looks like you are having fun, Mariah! You lucked out with awesome foster parents and foster brothers and sisters. I'm sure your forever home will come soon.