March 7, 2010

Davis (Foster #78)

Hi everybody, this is Davis. I am now enjoying being at my foster home. I was a stray and my golden coat may not be very pretty right now, but I am now eating good food and taking some medicine. After a week or so, you probably won't recognize me. I am trying to get my foster sister and brothers to play with me, but they just look at me and turn around. I think it is my itching that turns them off. My foster mom assures me that Karma will play in a few days. She does little hopping thing so I am a little spooked by her anyway. She seems like a sweet girl so I will get to used to her soon. I have now learned how to go in and out the doggy door and I have not had any accidents in the house. I do like to play with the ball. Just yesterday, I played by myself. I would nudge the ball and go after it. It was fun, but I am ready to play with the other dogs. I will give you another update in a few days. Davis

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