June 24, 2011

Fancy goes on a field trip!

Fancy went to my sisters house yesterday.  She loved Gracie and Gidget.  She also loved chewing on Matthew's Crocs.  Oops, I'm sorry Matthew.  She hung out with us all afternoon by the pool (she was in the shade).  I had to put her in the car, but once she was in there, she loved riding.  We made a trip to the vet so she could have her skin rechecked.  She was all clear with any skin issues.  In fact, she has a beautiful blonde coat.  She met a golden in the waiting room and just wanted to play. 
Matthew and Fancy

Gracie, Fancy and Matthew

Can I have my bone now?

I think I'll play with this bone for awhile.

I'm sorry, I couldn't find my bone.

I said I was sorry!

Let's play ball!

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