June 10, 2011

Fancy's message

Hi everybody, this is Fancy. My foster mom decided to let me post a message. I overhead her talking last night and I heard the word Lab. She said that I reminded her so much of Cedar. I didn't really understand, because I thought Cedar was a Golden Retriever. I did notice that his hair was shorter than the goldens, but I did not think too much about it. Since I was rescued by a nice lady with the Golden Retriever rescue, I thought I was a golden too. If it wasn't for the golden rescue, I would not be alive today. You see, I was in one of those high kill shelters and my days were numbered. I guess it was just my lucky day and I was saved. Well, I look just like Cedar. I was a little bummed out when I heard this, because I know that people who come to the blog are looking for "real" goldens. Now, before you decide to pass me by, let me tell you a little about Cedar. First of all, his mom is a Golden Retriever. Her name is Jamie and she was adopted after her puppies were about 6 weeks old. He is perfect. At least my foster mom thinks so. He is very sweet, lovable, tall, blonde, happy, loves other dogs, swims, loyal, and he loves to retrieve the tennis ball. You may be asking yourself why am I talking about Cedar so much. Well, I am just like him. I love to retrieve the ball, I'm lovable, tall (for a puppy), blonde, short hair, loves everyone, I just might be the "perfect" golden for you. So, if you can look past my short blonde hair, maybe I would be the perfect one for you.

Cedar's baby picture.

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