June 19, 2009

My Coat of Many Colors (by Sundance)

Hello everyone. I am feeling a little blue today. Another family has passed me by. I think it is my coat of many colors. So, I put on my creative collar and decided to write a poem. It is a little like the song "A Coat of Many Colors".

My coat of many colors
That God made for me.
Made with lots of shades of gold and brown
But I wear it so proudly.

Although I'm not a golden
I'm as rich as I can be.
God spared my life and gave me hope
When MAGRR came for me.

But, I don't really understand it
And I try to make them see.
That it's not the color of my coat
But what's inside that I'd like for them to see.


1 comment:

Tracy said...

I'm sad to hear Sundance has been passed up by folks based on his multi colored coat. He sounds just wonderful and looks happy and healthy in his pics/videos! I sent an application in and I know you don't set people up for particular dogs, but Sundance has caught my eye. And since he might not be what others are looking for... maybe you'd consider us. Thanks very much for all you do - Tracy Griffin