June 27, 2009

Sundance (MAGRR Foster)

It is really hot in Memphis. Late this afternoon, Cedar just had to play ball, so we all went outside for a little while. It was so hot, that I just had to go back in the house several times. I did retrieve the ball once and I got brushed by my foster dad. I hope you enjoy my new video. The cast members are me (Sundance), Karma, Cedar, and Robbie. You might see my foster dad Tim, when he is brushing me. You can probably hear my foster mom Gerry, when she tries to get me to come through the doggy door. In one of the videos you can hear Karma being bossy. She loves to boss us boys around. She thinks that she is the princess.

1 comment:

Paul Swarthout said...

Half way through the doggy door.... A/C on inside? Memphis summer on the outside? Best of both worlds!!

I wouldn't want to move either.