December 18, 2010

Argus gets adopted!

My Christmas wish came true. If you have been reading my blog, then you already know that I have been at my foster home since October. On November 10, I had to have my back left leg amputated (my mom helped with that word) and I have been recovering from my surgery. Well, I just found out that I was adopted and I could not be happier. My foster family is adopting me. All I asked Santa for this Christmas was a shiny MAGRR tag and a family to call my own. So to all my furry friends in the world, keep hoping for someone to come to your rescue, because it will happen. Oh, and one more thing before I go. My foster dad is calling me Tres and my mom is still saying Argus so I think my new name is Baby Tri Tres Argus. I know it's a long name for such a handsome, tall, lanky, sweet, adorable, well-behaved, red golden tripod boy, but if it makes them happy, then I am happy. Oh, and don't forget to keep looking at my mom's blog. She will be posting updates about my new foster sis, Holly. Even though I am a very laid back golden, I do play with her. She can be a little annoying sometimes (she still has baby teeth), but I like having her around. Once again, thanks MAGRR for giving me a chance to have a family. Baby Tri Tres (Argus)


Wendy Ray said...

Yay! A Happy Christmas Story! Congratulations on your new addition. Can't wait to see Tres/Argus/Baby Tri at Shelby Farms this Spring!

Hannah Jennifer Chang said...

SOOOO HAPPY for argus!!!!! i'm from massachusetts - I consistently check magrr. i am a golden lover!