December 16, 2010


Hi everybody, this is Holly. My mom is in the kitchen cooking some graham cracker cookies, so I thought I would post something on my blog. I hope you like my Christmas picture. I tried to sit really still while I had my picture taken. I heard Cedar whisper something to Robbie about my ears. I don't think he really meant anything bad, since he is a golden mix, but I did wonder what he meant. I looked around at Argie and Karma and I noticed that their ears were long and floppy. Well, you can see from my picture that my ears are a little short and they sit just a little high. I do hope that you can look past the ears and give me a chance. I am a beautiful blonde color and I am a really sweet girl. I love to cuddle and watch TV and I also like to play ball. I can drop the ball and then go get it without disturbing anyone. I like to lay under the computer desk while my foster mom is working ( she is really just browsing the Internet and shopping) but don't tell her I said that. I love my picture with Cedar. You see, Cedar really does not have much to do with me. He is a big mama's boy but don't tell him I said that. Oops, I hear my mom coming up the stairs so I better wrap this up. Please think about how precious a beautiful blonde girl would fit in your household and watch for more posts.
Talk to you later, Holly

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