December 7, 2010

Baby Tri

Hi everybody. Baby Tri here. I wanted everyone to know that I am doing fine. My hair is beginning to grow back and of course I am as cute as ever. I just got a new bed for Christmas and I love it. It is a little too big to carry out the doggy door, but I am trying to find a way. I guess I will just stick to the throws and the couch pillows for now. I am a little put out with my mom though. Every time I am almost to the door, she stops me and takes the pillow away. I have worked so hard to hop through the kitchen on my three legs and then she stops me. I give her that golden puppy look, but she still takes them away. Don't tell her, but one time I did carry out the fleece throw. Karma and I played tug of war with it and I won. I now have a very cool scarf to wear and it even has snowmen on it. I may wear it to the Germantown Christmas parade on Saturday. Don't forget to look for all the goldens on Saturday. I am planning to ride the float most of the way, but I will just have to get down and let all of the children pet my head once or twice.
Merry Christmas, Argus (AKA Baby Tri)
P.S. As soon as my mom gets my picture (with my new bed) off of her phone, she will post it. If you look closely, I still have my other leg. I wonder if my mom noticed that??

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Rant of a fed up mom said...

Gerry, So glad to here that Argus is doing well. I know when we had our Ellie's leg removed she was like a new dog! Removing the source of the pain really brought out the Golden puppy in her even at age 6. She is 11 1/2 now and no one has yet told her that she is a tri ped. Amazing how well they adjust! Hope he heals well! Jeralee Mornhinweg (Hershey's mom).