April 28, 2011

Breezy leaves tomorrow!

The last few days have really been surreal.  All evening on Tuesday we listened as tornado sirens with off.  We missed a day of school because of the power outages and tree damage.  Then Wednesday evening as I was watching the Memphis Grizzlies play, I saw the devastation that occurred in Alabama.  It really puts things in perspective.  I was feeling sorry for myself because Bree is leaving and people have lost their lives and their homes. We did have school today.  On my home, I was meeting a foster to give her a couple of crates. She is fostering her first golden, Jadee and her four pups. While we were loading the crates in her car, she asked me if I did much fostering. Of course, I told her all about Bree and how she would be leaving us tomorrow. I did tell the truth. It is very hard to let these fosters go. The hardest thing about loving them, is losing them. I began to think that today is the last day that I will be able to love on this sweet golden girl. Tomorrow, she will be a memory. Now, before I get too sad and need kleenex, I need to remember one thing. If it wasn't for MAGRR and all of the foster families, these goldens would find themselves lost and lonely. So, with all of that said, enjoy the video. The time that we have spent with Bree is priceless and I would not trade the few tears for anything. I'm just glad that we had her a little while. By the way, Bree is going to another baseball game tonight.  Matthew plays ball and he wants to tell her goodbye.  We love you Breezy.

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