April 9, 2011

What a beautiful "Breezy" day!

Hi everybody, this is Bree. My foster mommy said that I could tell you all about my great day. She also wanted me 2 remind everybody that I am only 6 months old, so I might spell a word or 2 wrong. First of all, i started the day with an interesting observation. U see, my foster daddy was throwing a ball for Robbie and it got stuck in the tree. Then he tried to get the ball down by throwing the ropes and they got stuck too. So KK and I sat and watched while they tried to get the stuff out of the tree by throwing a basketball. I just heard my foster mom say that it was not as funny as our heads going up and down watching.
By the way, he got the two ropes down, but the ball is still in the tree. LOL!! After the rope entertainment, I went to a baseball game. Of course, everyone loved me and I got a lot of pets on the head. I then went to a cookout and met 2 Brittany's, Gidget and Gracie. They were really nice 2 me and I had fun. My mom forgot to take her camera, so there are no pictures of my field trip. I was so well behaved and I walked pretty good on the leash. I forgot to tell everybody that I also learned how to walk up and down the stairs. At first, it was very scary but I finally got brave enough to try it. Now, I can go up and down without even thinking about it. I also know how to use the doggy door. I can also retrieve a tennis ball. Wow, it sounds like I'm bragging, but I have done all these things in a few days. Sorry, I was dosing. I am tired from my big day, so I am going to take a nap.


Sherry said...

Bree is so adorable. Gidget and Gracie said to tell her "woof" and she can come over any time. Matthew loved her too.

Anonymous said...

10/4/11 Looking at the pictures of Trixie, aka Bree, makes me laugh. She looks so little. Her feathers are growing longer and longer now. I almost forgot how short her fur was when she arrived home in NH!

Though I am not anxious for the snow to arrive, we are all anxious to see what Trixie will do with it.