April 2, 2011

What a beautiful Golden day!

What a beautiful day for a baseball game. I have had a great day. First of all, I played in the back yard with Cedar, Karma and Robbie. Karma and I played tug with the rope. Of course my foster mom ran to get the camera and we were through playing when she got back. We then got in the SUV and headed to the baseball game. We stopped at Sonic to get a drink and then we were on our way. By the way, I loved riding in the car. At the ballpark, I got to meet lots of people. Everyone was saying stuff like "Oh, what a beautiful dog", "Wow, you've got a great looking boy there", and "Oh, what a sweet face". I just smiled and wagged my tail. Matthew's team won the game and we headed back home. I was such a good boy at the game. I walked pretty good on the leash, but I will admit that I did pull just a little bit. Oh, I forgot to mention that I met my grandparents too. There is a picture of me, my foster dad Tim, and my granddad, and one of me and my foster mom.

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