May 7, 2011

Jimbo (foster #91)

Cedar, Karma, Jimbo (in the middle) and Robbie
Meet our new foster boy Jimbo.  He is settling in at our home.  He is getting to know our golden pack.  As you may all know, the Memphis area is dealing with a major flood of the century.  All I have done for several days is watch the news and read about how all of this flood water is affecting our area.  People are losing their homes and all of their personal items.  Pets are being sent to a temporary shelter because their owners are having to evacuate.  Everyone around the downtown area and West Memphis are on edge.  Everyday when I drive across the Hernando Desoto Bridge on I40, I see the water level getting higher and higher.  My point in mentioning all of this, is the fact that we never know when something like this might happen.  We take so many things for granted.  Sometimes when we think that things just aren't going the way we want them to, think of those who have lost everything.  Think of the animals that have been taken to shelters where they are stressed and unsure.  So, if we get a thunder storm and Jimbo gets a little nervous we will be here for him. Please keep Memphis and the mid south in your thoughts and prayers. One more thing, for every bad story you read about Memphis, there is a good one.  People are volunteering their time at shelters and donating all types of personal items.  We have read lots of heart warming stories about the people in our area.   

Jimbo looking out the upstairs window


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