May 22, 2011

Where are they now?

Jimbo arrived safely at his new home in Maine.  As I was thinking about him today, I began to think about all of the goldens I have met along this foster journey. 
39 were adopted to families in the northeast
34 Tennessee
5 Mississippi
5 Arkansas
2 Kentucky
1 Indiana
1 Ohio
1 South Carolina
1 Texas
2 went to the Rainbow Bridge before they were adopted

We will never forget our foster babies:

George W., Harrison, Wiley, P.J., Haylee, T. Rex, Sandy, Caddy, Mindy, Shasta, Ethan, Buzz, Claire, Harvest, Angelina, Peggy Sue, Millie, Milo, Chelsea, Teddy, Buckley, Carney, Captain Jack, Raskal, Jamie, Cedar, Marley, Baxter, McAlister, Jack, Gertrude, Louie, Bowser, Maxx, Rusty, Aaron, Kylee, Taylor, Robyn, Cyndi, Robbie, Zeus, Sophie, Jamie (JJ), Dusty, Mason, Harlee, Bayer, Clifton, Heidi, Hershey, Colby, Baxter, Liam, Lady, Dixie, Keira, Chelsey, Flora, Winston, Layla, Karma, Keltie, Poppy, Timber, Casonova, Champ, Savannah Mae, Lillian, Poncho, Sundance, Zipper, Maddox, Drew, Ritchie, Honey Bear, Mariah, Davis, Missy, Blake, Bosco, Flash, Barrett, Autumn, Argus, Holly, Peaches, Griffin, J.J. (Jake), Bree and Jimbo.

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