January 10, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to adopt CeCe

  1. I'm a beautiful blonde.
  2. I am soft and fluffy.
  3. I get along with other dogs.
  4. I am a little shy, but I love everyone.
  5. I'm a sugar bear.
  6. I will sleep on my dog bed.
  7. I don't dig.
  8. I like to play with dog toys.
  9. I'm a MAGRR dog.
  10. I don't counter surf.
It's me again.  I have some good news.  My foster mom and dad decided that I did not have to go into the crate while they were at work.  I'm FREE from the crate.  I was such a good girl.  I did not make any messes.  So, won't you take a chance on me. 

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