January 3, 2012

Our silly fosters!

BOSTON:   "CeCe, what kind of dog are you?"
CECE:   "I'm a Golden Retriever."
CECE:  "What kind of dog are you?"
BOSTON:  "I'm a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Why aren't you a Black Dane since I'm a Golden Retriever?"
BOSTON:  "I guess you can be a Great Retriever if you want."
CECE:  "But, I was rescued by the Golden Retriever lady so I have to be a Golden."
BOSTON:  "Well, I was rescued by the Great Dane lady so I have to be a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Ok, that sounds like a good idea."
BOSTON:  "Hey CeCe, why did you walk across the coffee table?"
CECE:  "To get to the other side."
BOSTON:  "Well, you better not get too comfortable here."
CECE:  "Why do you say that?"
BOSTON:  "Because I have been here since October and I've seen other goldens come and go."
CECE:  "If I do find my forever family, you will always be my best foster friend."
BOSTON:  "Love you CeCe."
CeCe:  "Love you Boston."

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