January 16, 2012

CeCe Update

CeCe went for a long walk with Boston yesterday.  She is a dream on the leash.  She did not have to stop at all the mail boxes and she did not pull on the leash.  We have nicknamed her Sugar Bear.  She has the softest coat and she is the sweetest girl. She also likes to pose for the camera.

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Cindy Dutton said...

Hi Gerry, I was wondering how Cece is doing. We are having our home visit with MAGRR on Saturday and will be able to move towards adoption. We are very interested in Cece. Your blog is a wonderful resource. My family and I read the blogs and watch the videos and it really gives us a sense of getting to know the dog even with the miles between us. I hope after Saturday I will be able to speak with you and learn more about Cece.