January 22, 2012

CeCe and Boston

BOSTON:  "Hey CeCe, I thought you would be gone by now."
CECE:  "Why do you say that"?
BOSTON:  "Because most of the golden fosters only stay a few weeks."
CECE:  "Then, why are you still here?"
BOSTON:  "Because, I'm a Great Dane, not a golden."
CECE:  "I thought we decided that you were a Golden Dane and I was a Great Retriever."
BOSTON:  "No, silly.  You are a Golden Retriever and I am a Great Dane."
CECE:  "Oh, that's right.  Well, I think the process to get adopted does take a little time.  There has to be a phone interview and then a home visit.  Everyone that works with MAGRR and NMGDR are volunteers.  I bet we will both be adopted before you know it."
BOSTON:  "I will miss you CeCe (Fluffy)."
CECE:  "I will miss you too Boston (Big B.)."

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